Monday, March 31

Clean Up Time, An Idea for Dispensing Dish Soap

After a night of fun and fabulous fare at your Friday fete, it's time to clean up. Trouble is, most supermarket dish soap packages are ugly, as are many of the You Know Who and Beyond pump bottles. On top of that, they gunk up quickly.

The Syrup Soap Dispenser After a couple of months of searching, I stumbled across a diner syrup dispenser which turned out to be perfect for dish soap.

It's one handed, cuts the flow of detergent with a flick of the the thumb, and it's not expensive. I got one for around $7.00, less than you pay for many special purpose pump bottles. It doesn't clog easily, and it's easy to clean up...just rinse. Best of all, it doesn't look awful next to the sink!


  1. I remember those syrup bottles from my days in diners in the early fifties. I forgotten that I missed them until I saw your note. What a great idea.

  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Fabulous idea! Where can I find one of those dispensers?

  3. I got mine at Sur La Table here in San Francisco, but if you search for "glass diner syrup dispenser" you'll find a slew of sources, maybe one near you!